Bear Hunting

(May 15th to June 30th)
Firearm, crossbow, and bow

The territory abounds with black bears. We regularly maintain more than twenty bait sites.

The bear package is usually combined with fishing. The majority of bears are hunted in the evening. So, you can enjoy the abundance of walleye fishing by day.

This way, you can bring back your limit of 8 walleyes and have a good chance of shooting down your bear.

The bear package is offered as a European plan only and includes:

  • Cottage
  • Guide
  • Baited sites
  • Freezing service
  • Watch towers, camouflage tents
  • Evisceration service (with a surcharge)

An experienced and very attentive guide will make your stay memorable.

Small Game Hunting Hare, (starting mid-September) partridge, grouse

The territory is not widely exploited. This area of the Gouin Reservoir abounds with ruffed grouses and Savanah grouses.

The sector being seldom hunted, the chances of success are very high.

In September, it’s possible to combine a fishing package with small game hunting.

The area is not very busy during that month, which ensures you total peace.
The small game hunting package in European plan includes the cottage.

Moose Hunting

Minimum three hunters

(Firearm, crossbow) Three weeks!
Firearm, crossbow

The outfitter accepts ONLY ONE GROUP per week to assure you complete liberty in the hunting zone.
The moose package is available as a European plan.
The 7-night package includes:

  • 1 log cabin
  • 2 X 16-foot boats /2 X 20 HP Mercury 2016 motors
  • Sites with saline
  • Freezing service
  • Cold room
  • Watch towers, camouflage tents
  • Evisceration service (with a surcharge)
  • Guide available upon request

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