Walleye Fishing
Gouin Reservoir Outfitter

The Gouin Reservoir is famous for its large number of walleyes. Several trophies are fished there each year.

In the Baie du Sud, formerly known as Lac Bureau, fishing is almost as good in July and August as it is in June. Several points near the outfitter have depths of 12-13 meters, ensuring an ideal water temperature for walleyes throughout the season.

No need for a guide in the Baie du Sud, the walleye banks are very close to the outfitter. The average fuel consumption for four days of fishing ⇒20 Liters. We provide a colored map indicating the fishing pits with the package.

You have access to large bays, several rocky islands, shoals and small grassy bays for evening fishing.

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Some tips and tricks for walleye fishing

  • Jigging is the most productive technique
  • Places with structural changes are the best: spikes, shoals, and islands
  • The number of walleyes at the Gouin Reservoir is impressive. You can fish during the day all summer long.
  • Leeches and worms remain very popular and are sold on-site.

Examples of jigging* :

mister twister double tail grub

*Suggestions and video by Patrick Campeau, columnist, and professional fisherman.

You may consult the list of lures proposed by M. Campeau for walleye fishing

Some reminders on fishing regulations for the walleye:

  • The catch limit for yellow walleye is 8.
  • You may keep yellow walleye of 32 to 47 cm inclusively.
  • Walleye fishing at the Gouin Reservoir starts mid-May and ends the third week of September.
  • Live and dead baits are PROHIBITED.
Autres noms : Grand brochet du nord, brochet, brochet commun, requin d'eau douce

The total length  of a walleye is measured from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail.

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